WHAT Rockets Preview with Brit Robotista

Our friend Brit Robotista joined the WHAT Podcast to answer some CBA questions and give us a preview of the Houston Rockets. First we walk through the intrigue behind the Nene contract and find out why it is making Houston fans mad.

Would you rather redraft 1984 or 2007? With NBC Sports Northwest’s Jamie Hudson

NBC Sports Northwest Trail Blazers’ reporter Jamie Hudson jumped on the Hoops and Talks podcast to play “Would You Rather”, the debating game that no one needs but everyone loves. We talk about taking away the three-point line, CJ McCollum’s assist numbers next season and Zach Collins in a headband (fingers crossed!).

WHAT Podcast LA Spectacular Spectacular with Sabreena Merchant

Sabreena Merchant  (@sabreenajm) joined the Women’s Hoops And Talks podcast to talk all things Los Angeles. Merchant covers both the Clippers and the Lakers for SB Nation sites clipsnation.com and silverscreenandroll.com and had plenty of insight into how fans are reacting to a variety of Hollywood-sized moves this off season.