WHAT (about us)

Women’s Hoops And Talks (WHAT) Podcast is dedicated to elevating the voice of women in basketball.

Tara and Cassidy are fans from Portland, Oregon who love talking basketball with anyone and everyone. This show is exclusively dedicated to women talking about basketball because there are plenty of (great!) places you can hear men talking about basketball.

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The WHAT Podcast appears in the Blazer’s Edge podcast feed every Thursday. To subscribe to the W.H.A.T. Podcast, use your favorite podcast app to find the Blazer’s Edge weekly podcast. You’ll hear Tara there weekly with Blazer’s Outsider Danny Marang as well as get all the W.H.A.T. episodes when they come out.

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Tara can be found on twitter: @tcbbiggs

Cassidy on twitter: @CassidyGemmet

Follow the podcast: @hoopsandtalks